Tuesday, 28 March 2017 17:48

Eject running programs as administrator

Written by Albert "Yes, I'm still here" Sharkis
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An interesting post on /r/Ubuntu today: "Update your "Eject" package. Eject could be made to run programs as an administrator."
I run quite a few Ubuntu machines. I develop on my laptop and am currently running 16.04.2, and my Amazon EC2 servers are running 14.04.5. Now, on my laptop I could see how this would be an issue, but I wasn't expecting it to affect my cloud servers, mostly because they're virtualized, and don't actually have optical drives. As I found, it's a default on Ubuntu installations. What's troubling about this is that I have been seeing Ubuntu in the wild more and more lately, powering advertisement displays, automating processes, etc. Some of the deployments around my area are due to me, so I'll be getting in touch with my clients. But all these Ubuntu installs having an eject program by default means lots of devices are potentially at risk, so make sure you know what your systems are running on, and always keep up with security updates!
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