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Lazily satisfying my curiosity

This is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside-down I forgot basic algebra and instead used my 2.2 GHz processor to brute force an answer to a question raised by Facebook. Yay technology!
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I once had the task of prepping an HTML newsletter every week. We had a general template, and the weekly content was prepped by a designer in Fireworks, with links and everything already sorted. My task was to insert the generated HTML table into the template and update all the links to append Google tracking code. This used to take me "half of forever" every week, especially since lots of times there would be errors in the newsletter that necessitated starting my whole process from scratch every time. I think it was Fridays.
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Wednesday, 08 October 2014 00:00

Optimizing Day-to-Day Procedures With Python

In every company, there are routine procedures that you have to go through. Opening, closing, inventory, etc. all procedures that don't change, but still need to happen. What most people don't realize is that usually technology can make this process a lot easier. Today's article is about how I used already-existing technology in a business to dramatically speed up their end-of-day process, saving on labor, and keeping people on the sales floor.
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What can do for you?

At, we never say "no" to our clients. Our years of experience in different aspects of IT mean that we have the knowledge and ability to realize solutions and optimizations for anybody. Whether you need a simple refresh of your web site to attract more customers, or if you need a custom software solution to manage your online orders and inventory, can deliver.

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